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The story is about two teenage girls with totally different backgrounds. Jodie Brown was born with a physical disability. She and her mother, along with her grandfather, live on a dilapidated old farm. With the recent passing of her dad, Jodie’s mom Sandy works two jobs to make ends meet. Jodie’s first love is horses, and her dream is to someday ride horses and eventually compete in horse shows. However physical disabilities and financial problems make this vision seem quite impossible.

Bridgett Van Heusen lives a complete opposite life. Residing on a beautiful farm and having a championship horse as well as a talented horse trainer. She is very spoiled and wants for nothing. Both of her parents are involved in everything but their daughter’s love. Bridgett is an extremely talented rider, competing in local and national horse shows, having continued success.

Witness how fate brings together these two distinctly different young girls. See the magnificence of unconditional love that transcends over physical and emotional trials throughout the film. A roller coaster of emotions will consume the viewers. This family film has many of life’s lessons and can be enjoyed by the entire family.


Best International Feature Film

Best International Children’s Film
Best Cinematography

Best Feature Drama/
Best Actress

Award of Merit

Best Family/
Children’s Feature Film   

Honorable Mention


Best Feature Film

Honorable Mention

Best Visual Effects

Best Fiction Feature

Best young Adult Film
Best Young Children’s Film

Best Director

Best Narrative Feature

Best Feature Film

Best Feature Film

Best Feature Film/Best Drama Film

Best INDIE Narrative Feature (Low Budget)
Best Cinematography

Best Feature Film

Best Director

Best Feature Film

Best Cinematography Feature Film
Best Debut Feature Film
Best Family/Children Feature Film

Best Drama Feature

Best Cinematography

Best Feature Film/Best Drama Feature

Winner-Best Feature Film
Honorable mention Best Drama Feature

Gold Award Feature Film 

Silver Award- Director Feature Film

Best Feature Film

Silver Award Feature Film

Silver Award Feature Film

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A Story of Strength

A story about finding the strength to overcome obstacles and learning to see things in a new way. An emotional tale of two girls brought together by circumstance.

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