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Meet the Cast

Ursula Minich-Boutwell

I am thrilled to be playing the role of Victoria in, If I Could Ride. It is a sweet and enriching piece that warms my heart. My favorite roles are when my character grows as a person and Victoria takes such a journey. The cast and crew are so powerful, I am looking forward to the filming process. From the beauty of the book to the strength of the screenplay, it is a piece that reminds us that the world is indeed a wonderful place. 

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Alexis Arnold

In October 2020 Alexis Arnold was asked to play the role of Jodie Davis in the movie If I Could Ride. Jodie Davis was born with a spinal deformity and is disabled. Her dream is to ride a horse someday. Alexis was so excited about booking the role that she immediately started taking english riding lessons. Alexis knew she had a year to prep for her part so a few months after training she also started volunteering at a horse rehabilitation center in Texas. She wanted to understand the physical challenges children have to take in order to ride a horse. It didn’t take long before she realized that being around horses was also therapeutic for the heart and soul. Alexis also walked around with a pair of crutches for weeks in order to help her understand the challenges Jodie would face in everyday life.

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Hawk Meisenbach

I am looking forward to playing Ethan, working with this terrific cast, and bringing to life such a meaningful story. Too many people forget the importance of kindness in today’s world and this film is a great reminder to support each other, no matter our differences. I think it will become a classic and inspirational film that stands the test of time. 

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Rhyleigh Russell

I am going to be playing Sandy (Jodie’s mother). In the past I’ve done movies like ‘Prey 2: Predator’s Obsession’ and I’m currently co-creating a scripted TV series called the ‘Rise and Fall’, which I also perform the lead role in. 

As for ‘If I Could Ride’, I am beyond grateful to receive the role of Sandy and challenge myself with capturing the emotional and heartwarming scenes of the movie. I have always been hoping to play a role like this where I get to bring audiences together with If I Could Ride’s themes of family, persistence and all around unity. Working with the not only welcoming, but immensely talented actors in my cast is something I’m looking forward to and I don’t think I could possibly take for granted.

Michael Coppola

My late husband worked with horses his entire life and founded an equine rescue and therapeutic riding program in NH.  Watching him work with the horses and the children in tandem brought a strong understanding of the horse’s emotional and physical connection with people who need it.  The horses know.  
I have been acting for over 30 years on stage in tv and films and commercials, and I know that this is going to be one of those special projects that will stay with me long after “its a wrap”.  I am very honored to be playing the role of Stephen in this important project.  
Michael is based in New England and South Florida and you can see his work and past projects at

Eva Igo

I’m beyond excited to have the opportunity to play Bridgett in “If I Could Ride.” Bridgett is such a complex young woman with such challenges to overcome, and I hope I can portray her with authenticity, vulnerability, and do her justice. I look forward to meeting and working with this incredible cast, and to being in beautiful Vermont for filming. IICR is such a heartwarming story, and I’m so thankful to Donald Miller and Shawn Welling for trusting me with this character. 

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Tom Vera

Looking forward to playing “Jimmy” in this heartwarming drama, If I Could Ride. Jimmy carries such sadness from his emotional past. I know I can portray the challenges he faces to overcome his tragedy. Acting with Eva Igo, Alexis Arnold and the rest of this fantastic cast will be such a joy. Shawn Welling and his production team will bring the quality this story deserves. Filming in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire in the autumn is an experience I’m sure I’ll never forget. Thank you for choosing me for this inspirational family film!

Jeff Kavy
Grampa Bill

Life indeed is a grand adventure. But not even in 100 lifetimes could I ever have imagined that I would have the opportunity to play a part in a movie to be filmed at my farm!
Much less a story as beautiful, heartwarming and life affirming as Don Miller’s If I Could Ride which I believe is destined to become an enduring family classic. 

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Todd Hutchinson
Dr. Cruise

I am so blessed to be playing the part of Dr. Cruise in this film.  I have acted on stage for over 35 years (my first role being in the chorus of Oklahoma). Since then I have “trotted the boards” in over 25 plays and musicals in various theater groups across the United States and Iceland, and I have had the opportunity to be an extra in 4 other films, but this will be my first opportunity to perform in a speaking role and I am delighted to bring Dr. Cruise to life for such an amazing and uplifting story that is sure to capture peoples hearts for generations to come. 
Currently I am volunteering as the Vice President for the Springfield Community Players.  The oldest, longest continually running community theater in the state of Vermont (Celebrating 101 years of community theater). Our members are going to love this!