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Jeff Kavy

I am delighted to be playing the part of Grampa Bill, Sandy’s father. Also widowed, Grampa Bill dedicates himself to supporting, defending and protecting his daughter Sandy and granddaughter Jodie as they face and overcome medical challenges, financial hardship and the deliberate unkindness of others to achieve Jodie’s dreams. I feel a strong and natural connection with the role played by Grampa Bill in this story. It’s a role I have sought to play in my own life with my own family.
But my connection to this film runs even deeper with Bashon Brook, our family farm, serving as the estate of the wealthy (but unkind) Van Husen Family.
Other than my family, particularly my baby granddaughter Clementine Louise, nothing in life is more important to me than Bashon Brook Farm. It’s a very beautiful and special place and I couldn’t be more proud than to share it with the viewers of this beautiful and special film.
And all of this, is ever the more exciting for me and surprising because other than my 25 years in the courtroom, I have never before in my life done any acting!
As a first time actor, I feel especially privileged and appreciative to work with such a wonderful talented cast, such a professional first class production team and the amazing accomplished multiple award winning director Shawn Welling.